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So, you’ve landed this gig as a zookeeper, thinking it’s going to be all about feeding the animals, cleaning up after them, and maybe having a few serene moments watching them play or rest. However, your very first night shift flips the script entirely. You start to notice odd behaviors among the animals, and before you know it, you’re smack in the middle of an outbreak. These aren’t your average sick animals; they’re turning into mutants. Now, it’s up to you to do more than just maintain their enclosures. You need to save these creatures and, quite possibly, yourself from whatever nightmare is unfolding.

A Night at the Zoo Like No Other

As you dive deeper into the chaos, you realize that every choice you make could be the difference between saving these animals and total disaster. It’s not just about which animals to prioritize; it’s about unraveling the mystery behind this sudden outbreak. Can you figure out what’s causing the mutation? Is there a cure, and can you administer it in time? With multiple endings on the line, each choice carries weight. Will you emerge a hero, or will this night mark the end of your zookeeping career—and potentially much more?

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