Weaver Unlimited

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Hey there, word wranglers! Ready for a game that’s not your grandma’s Scrabble? Then you just have to try Weaver Unlimited, where you don’t just spell words – you make them do the cha-cha in a word ladder dance!

How to Play Weaver Unlimited

Weaver hands you two 4-letter words, and your mission is to connect them in a word ladder that’ll make your brain sweat. It’s like connecting dots, but with letters. The twist? Each word in the ladder can only have one letter different from its predecessor.

Step 1: Look at the first word. Now find a word with just one letter different.

Step 2: Apply the same one-letter difference rule to the next word. Rinse and repeat until you’ve built the neatest, finest word ladder.

Step 3: Go on until you end that ladder with the second word given. Real pros keep it short, so try to nail it with the fewest ‘stairs’ possible!

NOTE: No shuffling positions allowed! Changing letters is fair game, but don’t go rearranging the alphabet.

Think you can do it? Channel your inner word ninja, dance those letters like no one’s watching, and conquer the Weaver with the shortest ladder possible! Let the wordy shenanigans begin!

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