Lethal Company 2

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Gathering scrap receives a whole new spin when you take it out into the open space. And Lethal Company 2 is here to offer you a job that’s out of this world, literally. Enter a new corporate reality where survival is a daily contract, and the only thing scarier than the monsters are the looming deadlines!

Space Scrappers on the Hunt

In Lethal Company 2, you’re a contracted employee, a cog in the ominous machine of a huge corporation known simply as “The Company.” Your mission: scour abandoned moons for scrap, all while dodging traps, environmental hazards, and creatures that make your nightmares look like a walk in the lunar park. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

How to Play Lethal Company 2

• Collect extraterrestrial scrap to meet The Company’s profit quotas.
• Feel the intensity as you navigate through eerie landscapes, knowing that danger lurks around every corner.
• Explore, survive, and strategize as you face monsters, auto-turrets, and an ever-increasing danger level.
• Manage your stamina and inventory, especially when away from your spaceship.
• Sell your collected scrap, purchase items from the terminal console, or scavenge for essential equipment.
• Choose your gear wisely – each item can be a lifeline or a burden in the fight for survival.
• Stay alive for three days, or find yourself ejected into the cold, dark void of space.
So, are you ready to sign your virtual soul to The Company and face the horrors of faraway worlds? Embark on a thrilling trip into the cosmic abyss with Lethal Company 2 and know just how much money you’re risking your life for!

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