Getaway Shootout

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Racing games can’t surprise us anymore, and so can’t shooters. And even racing shooters have already become quite habitual. What about a jumping shooter then? That’s right, in Getaway Shootout, you can only jump – and fire your gun, of course!

Getaway Shootout Rules

• It’s you against three other adrenaline junkies.
• Ahead lies a course filled with the trickiest obstacles you’ve ever seen.
• You’re about to race through it all the way to the extraction point.
• The one who gets there first wins.
• The kicker: you don’t run, you jump!

But this ain’t just a footrace – it’s a Getaway Shootout, and that means arming yourself for victory. Along the way, you will discover plenty of weaponry and boosts that’ll give you the edge. Shoot your way to glory or turbo-boost past the competition. It’s a race, but with a bang!

So, hit the jumping track and feel the spring in your virtual legs and actual fingers! Out-leap the computer or prove you’re the leap-master against a buddy. It’s not just about reaching that finish line – it’s about doing it with style and bragging rights. Jump right into the action (pun totally intended), the extraction point is calling!

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