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Welcome to the icy world inhabited by cool creatures! unblocked games 76 invites you on a thrilling survival adventure. You will meet charismatic birds amid the frozen waters. The hero will swim on a big piece of ice. But this journey is full of risks – evil sharks, hungry polar bears, and bloodthirsty whales are hunting after the poor penguin. Just one misstep and the character is dead! So he needs your support and guidance in this tricky challenge! Watch every step to prevent the disaster!

Navigate the perilous environment!

As the ice piece breaks, there is less and less space left. Soon, there is enough space for only one penguin. What is your mission? You must become that single character that survives! Employ strategic sweeps and shoves to push your rivals off the diminishing ice. You must use whatever possible tricks to progress. Exercise caution, as a single misstep could find you plunging into the icy depths. This cool challenge will bring you a lot of positive moments! Besides, it will seriously boost your strategic thinking.

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