CostCodle Unlimited

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Grab your virtual cart, put on your imaginary shopping shades, and step right into CostCodle Unlimited! It’s not about navigating your cart through the treacherous aisles, it’s not about attending to endless lines at the register, it’s not even about surviving a zombie apocalypse at the mall. You’re here to guess the price. And it’s darn addicting!

CostCodle Unlimited Rules

• See that product on your screen? That’s the one you gotta price correctly.
• You’ve got six attempts to do it. Don’t leave that baby without a price tag!
• If your price is a little bit too high, you’ll see a red downward arrow.
• If you started off too low, the arrow will be pointing up.
• Adjust your price and see it get a green light. Congrats, you did it!

And you know what? Unlike the regular game, CostCodle Unlimited lets you indulge in price guessing for hours on end, one puzzle after another, without waiting a whole day for a new one to hit the board! Isn’t it what we, shopping addicts, have been waiting for? So, get your price-savviness ready, refresh your memories from the last shopping, and enter Costcodle where the price is almost always right, and the savings are just a guess away. Happy guessing!

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