Lethal Company

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Lethal Company is a cooperative horror game where up to four players team up to face a harrowing space adventure. Set in the vast expanse of space, players are tasked with meeting a quota of items within a three-day (in-game) deadline. The game, still in early access as of December 2023, involves players traveling to various procedurally generated moons and industrial complexes. Here, they must scavenge for items scattered throughout the complex, deliver them to their ship, and ultimately sell these items at the moon base of ‘The Company’. The gameplay is intensified by a looming deadline; failure to meet the quota results in a chilling ‘termination’ – being cast into the open cosmos.

Survival and Strategy in Lethal Company

The gameplay of Lethal Company is a blend of intense action and strategic planning. Players encounter various monsters that hinder their scavenging efforts, especially during the night or lunar eclipses when these creatures roam beyond the confines of the complexes. The game’s mechanics include spending earnings on equipment upgrades for players or their ship, like flashlights or loud horns for signaling evacuation or assistance. If a player dies, they respawn on the spaceship the next in-game day. Inventory management is crucial, with limited slots and the weight of items slowing players down. The game features both melee and ranged weapons, like road signs or shotguns, adding to the survival aspect. Players can communicate through spatial voice chat, including radios. Some players may stay on the ship, guiding others with a monitor that shows the location of scrap and monsters near the players in the complex and can assist by unlocking doors or disabling turrets and mines using a terminal. This cooperative element adds depth to the gameplay, requiring players to work together to survive and succeed in the hostile environments of Lethal Company.

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