Tanuki Sunset

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Active players are continuously seeking new and dynamic activities. And this is one of these – Tanuki Sunset adventure! This time, you will be riding a longboard and trying to do tricks. You will have to ride on different roads. However, these are not empty tracks. The ways are full of structures, obstacles and traps. You will need to masterfully jump to avoid all barriers. The better trick you are able to perform, the more points you will earn! At times, it is going to be a true struggle to keep going.

You will control a lovely hero!

The protagonist is one of the advantages of this entertainment. It is a cute raccoon! You’ve probably never seen a raccoon riding a longboard. The character is ready to impress the audience with various tricks. It will be enough to simply use structures to activate tricks and use every opportunity to attract attention. The reward system will be in the form of points that can be accumulated and then spent on varied and interesting rewards in the form of customization. You can modify the raccoon’s appearance and decorations for the longboard itself, as well as use additional trick animations. Have fun!

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