Bad Time Simulator

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Bad Time Simulator unblocked games 76 will return you to the famous Undertale. This fan-made game will bring you face to face with the treacherous Sans for an ultimate battle. This opponent is well known for his powerful attacks and witty tricks. The game centers around the player-controlled character navigating through a series of complex scenes. Every time, there is one and the same mission – you should dodge Sans’s relentless attacks. The challenge lies not only in the speed and complexity of the patterns but also in Sans’s ability to break the fourth wall!

Will you defeat the evil enemy?

Players face a moral dilemma, as defeating Sans requires perseverance, skill, and determination, but also challenges the ethical choices presented throughout the Undertale story. The game also allows players to revisit memorable and challenging moments from the original story and experience them in a new environment. The simulator’s challenging gameplay and the humorous interactions with Sans attract lots of Undertale fans. If you are one of them, you will also enjoy this entertainment.

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