Let’s Find Larry 2

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There’s nothing better than a sudden reunion with an old friend. That’s what you thought when you suddenly bumped into your school buddy, Larry, in the city park. Little did you know you’re diving right into the craziest, bloodiest, and creepiest adventure of your life in Let’s Find Larry 2!

What’s Wrong with Larry?

At first sight, it’s still the same old Larry, with his goofy grin and that unmistakable charm that made him the life of every party. But something feels off, like a puzzle piece that just doesn’t fit. Call it intuition or just plain boredom, but you decide to tail him – and not in vain!

Follow The Trail Of Blood

Weaving and zooming through the crowded streets, you notice a peculiar trail – a trail of blood, no less. Pools of red goo, dead bodies, police and reporters… And Larry doesn’t seem to be particularly excited about your nagging attention. He wants you to leave him alone, and there is a solid reason for that! Brace yourself for the kicker: it’s not Larry at all!

Let’s Find Larry 2 Features

• Suspenseful detective story
• Unique zooming and stalking mechanics
• Creepy encounters and wacky dialogues
• Skin-cutting, face-shifting maniac on the loose
• Open (and rather grim) ending

So, brace yourself for the kind of an adventure we find ourselves in when we decide to chase the mysteries that life throws our way. Will you find Larry or will he (or rather, the one wearing his face) find you first? It’s up to you!

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