Sonic.exe: The Disaster 2D

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Remember Sonic, the beloved blue-haired hedgehog with super speed and perky attitude? Forget him! You’re now up against his evil alter-ego, that red-eyed, creepy-grinned, maniacally vengeful Sonic.EXE that can make your skin crawl at a glance! Can you get away from him and survive? Sonic.EXE: The Disaster 2D will show!

Escape Sonic.EXE as Survivor

First of all, you’ve got to make your pick. The game introduces six survivors, each packing their own peculiar set of skills. It’s like assembling a dysfunctional superhero squad, but with a twist – they’re here to survive the sonic onslaught. Use their abilities wisely, or prepare to be a blue blur pancake!

Step into Killer’s Shoes

Now flip the script. Play as one of four killers because, why not? Choose your favorite maniac and go on a pixelated killing spree. You’re here to track, stalk, and hunt your victims down! Don’t give them a single chance to escape – make your move before they even expect it. You’ll see that being a good killer is actually not that easy!

Sonic.EXE: The Disaster 2D Features

• Iconic pixelated 2D visuals
• Vibrant cast of characters, both Survivors and Killers
• 18 gripping levels to conquer
• Traps to dodge and puzzles to solve
• Secrets and surprises at every step

So, pixel pioneers, get ready for survival, killing sprees, and creepy secrets to collide in Sonic.EXE: The Disaster 2D! Make a last-second escape, kill everyone, and enjoy the sheer madness of it all!

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