Don’t Scream 2

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Are you easily scared? You’re about to find out in Don’t Scream 2! Can you make it out of the creepy Pineview Forest without screaming? Plunge right in, adjust your mic settings, and see just how much steel is there in your nerves!

The 18-Minute Heartstopper

The challenge in Don’t Scream 2 is to explore the dark, eerie woods for a mere 18 minutes, but with a catch – you can’t let out even a single scream. If you scream, you’re toast. The creepy critters lurking in the tree shadows will hear you and come for your blood. So no matter how jumpy and scary the jumpscares are, keep yourself in check! Oh, and the time moves only when you move. So laying low or simply stopping for a moment to catch your breath doesn’t really count!

Microphone Intricacies

Don’t Scream 2 is a game that’s played with your mic on. And setting it up isn’t just a technicality here – it’s the very essence of the challenge. Calibrate it in-game to be your scream-o-meter:
• Turn the volume down for starters – it’s like setting the difficulty to the easiest level.
• Wanna go hardcore? Turn it up to catch every tiny gasp or squeak.
• You can talk, but not too loud – keep it a notch softer than your normal chatter.
Remember: too loud – and it’s game over! Any extra decibels will count as screaming, and you’ll be forced to start anew. So, venture into the woods where every step could be your last, and every second is a test of your vocal fortitude. Good luck and don’t scream!

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