Indie Games

Recently, the gaming industry has witnessed a splash of Indie projects. What are these games? They are created by independent authors. As a rule, indie studios consist of only a few people, or they can be even be solo developers. This approach allows developers to create without any restrictions. This way, they can come up with unconventional scenarios that sometimes may include experimental mechanics. Usually, indie plots offer short walkthroughs, while authors actively interact with players and encourage the audience to leave feedback.

You are free to experiment!

Thanks to independent development, indie games are often about innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking. Usually, the narratives in such games do not fit traditional gaming genres. Very often, you will find titles that are focused on personal challenges. The players are encouraged to make choices that reshape the further plot development. Indie adventures push the boundaries of usual gameplay mechanics. You will face unconventional storytelling techniques that challenge players to interpret the plot in unique ways. Such stories often touch on pressing social issues where there is no clear path to success. You have to experiment without a stop. Another winning feature of Indie titles is replayability. They usually offer several different endings. So, players are intrigued to test various approaches and experience different outcomes.

Where to find indie games?

The main platform for such projects is Steam, the largest digital store for PC games. Most independent authors of gaming projects publish their works here mainly because of the relatively low cost of publication. You can also learn about quality projects from the thematic section of Reddit. New indie games are often advertised on popular social networks and gaming sites. But you do not need to waste time searching for this content. We have already done it for you – on this page, you will find a collection of the most thrilling indie stories. Take time to enjoy them all! This category is continuously updated, so do not miss new releases. It is tons of thrills and fun!

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